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Hello there.

Hi, I’m Lindsey Schneider and it’s nice of you to stop by. LBP is a line of handmade ceramic home objects, named after a frightful encounter with a black bear in a wilderness area of West Virginia, which I slept through.

When I think about bears, I always imagine them as fiercely strong and independent creatures of the forest, who contrastingly live off soft fruit and honey. I try to create pieces that play with this blend of softness and sharpness, using patterned surfaces, craters, and spikes built out of hardened soft clay.


Where I’m at.

I live and work in Red Hook, Brooklyn, an industrial neighborhood at the water’s edge that’s littered with street art, big roll-top gates on boxy warehouses, and uneven cobblestones. It’s a small fishing village at the end of the universe, tucked right inside the madness of New York City.

Little Bear Pots Studio

The pots.

Every piece that I make starts as a soft ball of stoneware clay, and is either wheelthrown or handbuilt, and fired to about 2230 degrees fahrenheit. Every spike is attached and patterned drawn entirely by hand. I’m drawn to multiples and repetition, and particularly love it when an objects slightly diverges from the set through an intriguingly non-straight line or misplaced fingerprint. Nothing is ever molded or cast, and I love how it makes every single piece entirely unique, and resultantly, my regular designs grow and change slightly over time. That makes each pot more like a signature or heartbeat, a form that’s alive. 

I am drawn to making creations people can use in their everyday lives. Craft reminds us that objects should be loved as personal tools. It’s that intimate feel on your lips as you sip your coffee in the morning, or how that planter on your table constantly draws you back to the natural world.

There’s so much unpredictability in the process of making ceramics, as it’s part chemistry and part magic. A full collaboration with fire and heat. I love this about the process and how it imprints on each item a little reminder that it’s handmade. I hope you do, too.



Love something in my shop, but it’s the wrong size or color for what you need? Send me an email at and we can discuss if I can make a custom piece to suit your vision. Turnaround times vary, but are generally around four weeks. All custom orders must be paid for upfront, and are nonreturnable.


I’d love to see if my work is a good fit for your brick-and-mortar store. Send me an email at with a description of your store and which styles you’d be into, and I’ll reply with turnaround times and a linesheet.

Say hi.

Got a question or an idea for a custom project? Send me an email at